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Tea Talks is meant to be a safe and confidential space. In order to maintain that, we hope you can agree to some community agreements, both virtually and in person. This space is for you, and we want you and others to feel safe, comfortable, and heard. Please respect this space, and keep these community agreements in mind at all times! Thank you. 

Tea Talks

A monthly gathering for young womxn, gender-nonconforming & nonbinary folx in the Asian-Pacific Islander community


Tea Talks is a safe space for young womxn, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary folx in the API community to explore their identity, especially in the context of New Mexico and their own communities.


We want our participants to be able to gather and hold space for difficult conversations regarding sexual violence and trauma as a community.

Self Care

Learning and talking about sexual violence is tough, so we strongly believe in the importance of self care. Every gathering will be paired with a self care activity to make sure that we are always putting ourselves first.

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